A Musical meditation

and conversation with the plant world

I’ve perfected so well

my language of words,

yet I find in the plant world

a different expanded awareness

of language

beyond just my language of words.

It’s a language of tones and silences,

a language of touch and feelings,

a language of energy and blending of categories,

and a mystery of otherness.

I open my eyes and ears,

feelings and cognition.

I am renewed and healed

in wonder.

EARTHSONG POETRY – Interrelationships

https://earthsongmeditations.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Fish-Mural-scaled-1.jpg MacKay

“Because life is network, there is no “nature” or “environment,” separate and apart from humans. We are part of the community of life, composed of relationships with “others,” so the human/nature duality that lives near the heart of many philosophies is, from a biological perspective, illusory.”

Haskell, David George. The Songs of Trees

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