A Commentary

Across the pond

looking through the mist

at the distant forest of trees

on the opposite shore,

seeming like a valley away

from where I am

feeling this sadness

akin to life on a precipice.

Oh, this conscious visitation

of feeling fear and anxiety,

and just montaging these images

crossing my heart,

hoping for some respite.

What’s to discover

that’s being revealed

in these feelings?

Though the pond

 is seemingly other worldly,

there is no salvation

in ethereal distractions

and ignoring the Earth here.

So, I listen

in this silence

to the trees

to other wise voices,

not my own,

for worthy council.


With regard to Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Native wisdom,

Robert Bly, and other poets and artist’s words and images.

***There’s a feeling of chagrin in realizing that there unfortunately will be little attention paid now by our government and in much of the general public to the global climate accord meeting going on.

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