(Courtesy and Compassion for)

A feeling of sorrow
for a past now
in the rear view mirror
A feeling of compassion for
those on the edge
of their mental health,
having trouble with each
day’s unwanted voices.

It seems ironic
that a thing so small
we can’t even see it
with a microscope
has changed our world
so dramatically.

Oh, for a regeneration
of concern and order
for the small
things and relationships
in my life, in a day.

Compassion and courtesy
used to be so important,
yet now, I see others in
attitudes of uncaring rebellion,
with a one sided argument,
and just following some
unwritten orders in their head,
saying things are not good
enough, so they must go
through these emotions again
and again,
empty without showing care
or concern or compassion.


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